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- natural, safe liquid herbal supplement

Res-Q SLEEP is a natural, safe liquid herbal supplement developed to encourage healthy, restful sleep. Res-Q SLEEPís Proprietary Sleep Complex provides the synergistic action of naturally relaxing herbs (Griffonia, Valerian, Chamomile, and Skullcap) and Melatonin to promote a calming effect, enhancing normalized sleep patterns. Res-Q SLEEP is non-habit forming and safe to take as often as needed without developing a tolerance.

Res-Q SLEEP liquid provides dual absorption. Through the lining of your mouth, then through your gastrointestinal track, quickly and gently soothing away tension. Res-Q SLEEPís pleasant proprietary flavor does not require refrigeration and offers the convenience of being taken without water. Res-Q SLEEP allows for a calm, naturally relaxed sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and alert, not groggy or disoriented.

Remember, healthy sleeping patterns promote a healthy cardiovascular system so try Res-Q SLEEP today; calm your restlessness, and get a good night sleep.

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